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Corporate Wellness Programs

Over 80 million Americans are looking for resources to avoid problems and pain and to help find health and wellness every year. The cost to businesses has been lost productivity and higher insurance fees. To counter this growing trend Align Wellness Center would like to invite you and your employees to participate in our health development program. Our training has provided participants from across the nation with invaluable information, individual experience, and results. Your colleagues will find these hands-on-experiences both informative and fun. Every program is tailored specifically for your needs and focuses on basic health topics.

Types of Programs

Our programs will teach your staff how to maintain and or improve their health and energy level, which leads to improved morale, lower health care costs and increased job performance. Participants will gain knowledge and have the opportunity to increase their health awareness and be able to detect early signs of problems that can be prevented before they become a major concern.

"It was an educational and enjoyable presentation! We hope to have you come out to speak again on another wellness topic.”
Saramarie McMorrow, Benefits Specialist, Illinois Tool Works

"The program was a great success for Discover and the employees related satisfaction with the program! I would be interested in working with Align Wellness Center for future health and wellness programs.”
Donald Glenn, Physician Assistant, Health Services, Discover Financial Services

For more information on our Corporate Wellness Programs, please contact Hannah Saia, Community Outreach Manager at info@alignwc.com.

Proudly serving surrounding communities such as Northbrook, Highland Park, Deerfield, Glencoe, Winnetka, Northfield, Glenview and Wheeling.


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