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Welcome to Align Wellness Center

Integrating high-tech with high-touch to enhance wellness and eliminate pain.

Align Wellness Center, based in Northbrook, IL, has served many of the residents of Deerfield, IL since 2006. Dr. Gregg Gerstin and the Align Wellness Center Team work with the residents of Deerfield, IL caring for new and old aches and pains from sporting injuries, motor vehicle accidents, birth trauma, and arthritis. They will first find the cause of the problem and then develop a plan to correct the problem using natural methods like Chiropractic Care, Massage, Personal Training, and Nutrition Coaching. Align Wellness Center is focused on making Deerfield, IL a healthy and safe place to live and work.

Proudly serving surrounding communities such as Northbrook, Highland Park, Deerfield, Glencoe, Winnetka, Northfield, Glenview and Wheeling.


Meet Dr. Gregg Gerstin

We would like to welcome you to Align Wellness Center in Northbrook, Il.

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Take the tour of
Align Wellness Center

Visit the Chiropractic Adjusting Rooms, Massage Therapy Suite, and Rehabilitation Facilities.

Video of Chiropractor Deerfield showing of Align Chiropractic Wellness Center