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Medical Class Hours (Minimum) Subject Chiropractic Class Hours (Minimum)
508 Anatomy 540
326 Physiology 240
401 Pathology 360
325 Chemistry 165
114 Microbiology 120
324 Diagnosis 324
112 Neurology 320
148 X-ray 360
144 Psychiatry 60
148 Obstetrics 60
156 Orthopedics 210
2,706 TOTAL HOURS 3,065
Pharmacology, Immunology, General Surgery Other Required Subjects Spinal Adjustment, Manipulation, Advanced Radiology

Meet Dr. Gregg Gerstin

We would like to welcome you to Align Wellness Center in Northbrook, Il.

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Take the tour of
Align Wellness Center

Visit the Chiropractic Adjusting Rooms, Massage Therapy Suite, and Rehabilitation Facilities.

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