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Technology to serve you

Align Wellness Center combines high-tech with high-touch to provide natural pain relief and enhance your health. One of our key pieces of technology measures how your Nervous Systems work. This is the part of our body that tells all the other parts what to do. The Nervous System consists of three major parts:

Natural Pain Relief

The Nervous System Parts
  • Motor Nervous System - Controls the muscles
  • Autonomic Nervous System - Controls blood vessels, organs, and glands
  • Sensory Nervous System - Transmits pain

If any of these systems are out of balance, you are out of balance. The Sensory Nervous System, the part of the Nervous System you feel with, only makes up 10% of your total Nervous System. The Motor and Autonomic Nervous System makes up the remaining 90% and can be measured with the use of a nerve scan. Not only is this technology used to assess and monitor change and improvement to your health, but it is also a completely pain free process.

The computerized technology allows us to look at past damage, damage presently occurring and predict future damage. It is very similar to when a dentist takes x-rays of your teeth. This technology also shows us change and progress during care. This tool is great for children and infants who can´t tell us about pain. The tests are completely pain free and are covered by many insurance companies.

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