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We are what we eat, and many of us don´t eat very well. With fast lifestyles and minimal time to prepare foods, proper nutrition can be hard to find. The systems that Align Wellness Center use find the specific missing nutritional pieces which allow you to continue with your life while supporting your body with what it needs.

Align Wellness Center uses pain free testing to find any nutritional deficiencies and then outlines diet changes and all natural nutritional supplements to address the cause of the problem. We will only recommend what your body is asking for.

Nutritional Supplements

Potency, effectiveness and purity are guaranteed for all supplements that will be recommended at Align Wellness Center. Additionally, all of the supplements are made by Metagenics and have been tested in clinical trials before they are recommended.

You will have 24/7 access to refill your prescription via our online store and receive a 10% discount when you purchase your supplements online. All you have to do is call or e-mail our office to register.

We provide you with top of the line, natural, nutritional supplements, available at the tips of your fingers anytime you want to enhance your health.

Click here to access the online store.


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