I have been dealing with sciatic pain for three months and after my third visit with Dr. Gerstin the pain is about 90% better. The results are almost instant. Both the doctor and the staff are incredibly pleasant and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

-Irene Salas

Dr. Gregg Gerstin

Northbrook Chiropractor in IL

Dr. Gregg Gerstin is the lead chiropractor at Align Wellness Center, in Northbrook, Il. He has been providing chiropractic care for the north shore of Chicago-land for over 18 years and is Advanced Certified in Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP). He received his bachelor’s from the University of Michigan in kinesiology where he also worked with the athletic teams as a student athletic trainer.

His passion for helping spinal deformities and figuring out the blockage that prevent people from healing developing their health has caused him to become a Scolibrace provider, a true three-dimensional solution for spinal deformities for scoliosis, hyper-kyphosis, and advanced spinal issues. However, he prefers to help find this deformities early.

He works with patients from as young as one day old to as old as 99, helping them to remove the blockages in their health and achieve optimal health and wellness.

His wife and kids and their dog Gracie, live in Highland Park, and he enjoys being a part of the community. Dr. Gregg is active in several local nonprofits, serving on their boards and participating as members, as well as participating in triathlons.