We’re Looking for People Like You!

You’ve found this page because you’re either looking to become an associate doctor in our office or you’re looking to intern in our office.

Either way, we need your help and we’re looking for an amazing doctor to join our team and learn the success principles that have helped me to grow the practice of my dreams.

Below you’ll find some of the stories of other doctors who have had success in our office. You’ll also learn about some of the benefits of working with us, what to expect as a part of bringing you on our team and how it’ll help you grow a successful practice within our office.

What to Expect as an Associate in Our Office

As a member of our great team at Align Wellness Center you can expect the following from us:

  • Top compensation package
  • Generous bonus program
  • Health benefits from the start
  • Paid time off
  • Organized training and support
  • Personal and professional goals
  • Working with a fun and high-energy team
  • Technique and clinical training
migraine headache treatment, Northbrook chiropractor

If you think this is the next step in your career, send your resume and cover letter to drgerstin@alignwc.com.  Be sure to put in the subject ”Your next amazing associate”.  That will make sure I open it quickly and get back to you as fast as I can.

If you’re just looking to understand who and what we are, check out the rest of our website. We’ll be happy to help you and seeing if you may be a great candidate to support our patients, our community and help change a lot of people’s lives. Hope to see you soon!