Natural Treatment For Vertigo

Hey, I’m Dr. Gregg with Align Wellness Center and I want to take just a minute to share with you how something like this can wind up changing your life if you’ve experienced dizziness or vertigo.

For many people, over 50% sometime in their life, they’ll experience dizziness or vertigo. It can be really devastating. It can wind up making you stay in bed, not get out of your room, not leave your house, and be fearful in social situations.

In our office, we utilize a special process to understand some of the main causes and triggers of dizziness and vertigo and address them. One of the main ones winds up being a change to your cervical spine and neck.

Now there is recently a published article comparing two different forms of therapy. They compared physical therapy in a traditional sense to spinal remodeling and that’s what we specialize in the office. They had 40 studies 40 cases and people do both. And what they found was after 30 visits of care both felt so much better.

They followed these groups for another year. And what they found was that the group that did the spinal remodeling, and this is one of the tools it’s called a denneroll, that was used in the spinal remodeling, wound up seeing that at a year’s time, they felt even better than when they finished the therapy. The group that just got the physical therapy, unfortunately, they were worse than when they started therapy and treatment.

I know this is a challenge. And if you or someone you know has gone through vestibular therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, maybe are even on medications for dizziness or vertigo, and are frustrated and want to see if there may be another natural way to wind up taking care of it. This is a great opportunity to find out if something like the denneroll or cervical spine remodeling would wind up helping you to get your life back.

Once again, I’m Dr. Gregg Gerstin with Align Wellness Center here in Northbrook, Illinois and I want to thank you for letting me be a part of your health.

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