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Stress Shoulders

Stress in the shoulders is a common complaint and most of us have experienced this symptom at some point. You may have felt tight shoulders from stress or maybe you’ve even felt your tight neck and shoulders causing headaches, dizziness, or tingling in your fingers.

Stressed shoulders can affect anyone, whether you’re a desk jockey and you sit at your desk all day, or you’re working from home at a coffee table. It’s especially prominent if you’re between the ages of 35-65. You may have tight shoulders after sleeping, and try to massage your tight neck and shoulders.

Tight neck and shoulder muscles can cause dizziness and headaches. While looking to find some relief, you’ve probably tried over-the-counter (OTC) pain medication. It might help right then, but the pain always comes back, which can be frustrating. You just want an easy workday without tension and pain.

When your body feels pain, whether it’s from stressed shoulders or something else, that’s your body’s way of telling you there’s a problem. Ignoring your pain or trying to cover it up with medications is only a temporary solution that can cause your body more harm than good.

Pain relievers, like Motrin and Aleve, can cause side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, constipation, and even more headaches. Taking these medications long-term can cause even more serious health problems and unfortunately, many people rely on these OTC meds on a daily, long-term basis without realizing there are other options.

Your body is designed to and wants to work on its own, and perform optimally without medication. To get rid of shoulder stress, you’ll need to get to the source of the problem and solve the root cause.

Why do you feel stress in your shoulders?

When you think about why you have stressed shoulders, you think it stems from how you sit at your desks, how you drive, read, use your cellphone or computer. How you do these things is important and you can see videos on them here.

However, in most cases, stressed shoulders really stem from all of the things you’ve done in your life, all the activities and stresses that you’ve been putting on them.

Stressed shoulders are usually the result of a change in the alignment of your spine, specifically in your neck. Typically, you won’t be able to pinpoint just when this change occurred because it’s generally from a trauma or an injury that happened years ago. It could have been a sports injury or accident, or from poor posture that’s been developing over time.

Usually, these issues start when you’re a kid, like when you were playing sports and bumped into someone or hit the ground, or when you did something else that caused a concussion or head injury. You could have been roughhousing with your siblings or fell out of a tree. These are the things that wind up causing the problems that later show up as stressed shoulders.

Problems like these are easily ignored when we are kids and a lot of parents will tell their kids “you’re okay, shake it off.”  And now that you’re an adult, you are the one responsible for your body, so there’s no more shaking it off.

What about poor posture?

Just like with poor posture, stressed shoulders are caused by a lack of connection between the brain and postural muscles around your spine. This disconnect of signaling can happen when the spinal cord doesn’t deliver the brain’s messages to those areas.

It’s not because you don’t sit up straight. The reason for your disconnect is from the accidents and injuries from your past that altered your spinal alignment.

An altered spinal alignment won’t correct itself just because you remind yourself to “sit up straight.” You need an expert to assess where your problem is stemming from and how to correct it.

If you ignore your problem and leave it alone, in as little as ten years you can start to develop spinal arthritis, which is like rust developing on your bone. Just like rust develops on a nut and bolt, it’s hard to remove it. And when you do, it doesn’t lock and tighten the way it should. The same goes for arthritis; it keeps your body from moving the way it should.

How to treat stressed shoulders

During your search for relief, you’ve probably seen a medical doctor. If you have numbness, tingling, or headaches, you might have been to a neurologist or even an orthopedic specialist for pain. Most likely you’ve been given pain medications or other meds to treat the symptoms you’re having. You might have had steroid injections or even talked with your doctor about surgery.

Medications, injections, and surgery are not the answer to your problems. That’s because these “treatments” aren’t actually treating the cause of your problem.

You can treat your pain effectively and naturally by seeing a specialist who can look to find the problem and correct it. A chiropractor that specializes in Chiropractic BioPhysics does just that.

When you first see a chiropractor specializing in Chiropractic BioPhysics, you’ll get a thorough exam to determine exactly what’s causing your problems. After that, you will get a treatment plan specific to your needs.

Your chiropractor may suggest regular adjustments and spinal remodeling, which uses traction to fix the alignment of your spine, so your body can work optimally, the way that it’s meant to. When your spine is in proper alignment, it releases pressure on the nerves that travel through the neck. These nerves send messages from your brain to the rest of your body. When the pressure is relieved, signals can get through, and your body can function as it’s supposed to.

You may also be given exercises and stretches for sore shoulders that you can do at home as part of your treatment plan to relieve pain.

This specialized treatment can help with tense shoulders from stress, sore shoulders after running, tight chest, rounded shoulders, stress knots on shoulders, and general shoulder pain and stress.

Preventing stress in shoulders

If you don’t have stress in your shoulders, or you did in the past but it went away, it’s still important to be examined by a chiropractor and get regular adjustments to stop the stress and pain before it starts.

Many people have suffered injuries in the past, usually as a child, and that caused a spinal misalignment. But they are not feeling the effects of it. Sometimes their bodies are quiet, not sending any warning signals. But as life goes on and physical, emotional, and mental stress build-up, it adds more pressure to the problem, and eventually, the body will send warning signals, which will be felt as pain.

There’s a good chance that you’re one of these people and you should see a corrective chiropractor now to see if there is a problem and get it corrected before you experience the effects. Think of it this way: would you put off getting an oil change until something bad happens to your car? Doubtful. You get regular oil changes and car maintenance to keep your car running smoothly before there is a problem. So, why not invest in yourself?

You might have several cars in your lifetime, but you only get one body. Take care of your body, maintain your health, get examined, and get regular adjustments to keep it working like it’s supposed to, optimally and pain-free.

It’s time to invest in yourself. Don’t wait for your problem to get worse. Investing in your health now can give you those easy, pain-free workdays you’ve been wanting.

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