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I was desperate for relief. Upon entering Align, the mood and energy was different than anywhere I had been previously. Everyone was upbeat and friendly, and I immediately felt I was at a place where the mission was focused on wellness and healing.... Dr. Gregg is the best chiropractor I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. He is professional and exudes an energy of positivity that makes you feel comfortable and cared for. I have experienced an amazing relief and can also physically see a difference in my posture. After my first few visits I was working, exercising and relaxing without chronic pain. I am sleeping better as well which is some thing I have struggled with for close to 20 years now. I couldn’t be happier.I am extremely pleased with the services provided by Align Wellness Center. The entire Team is professional, pleasant and focused on the patient. You are always greeted pleasantly upon arriving, as well as when you leave. This is a very well-run practice, one that I highly recommend. I am excited for my journey with this unbelievable more
Kelly Chabebe
Kelly Chabebe
00:42 20 Jul 21
Dr Gregg is a very well experienced Chiropractor that I found on Google for my condition. I'm very happy with my results in 1 month also his team members their are Awesome.
Patricia James
Patricia James
16:01 04 Jul 21
On April 3rd I re injured my back. My doctor gave me medication. But the pain was horrible. I had a transformal lumbar interbody fusion on L2-L3 with instrumentation and Allgraft and Laminectomy L4 in 2015. I have been taken Physical Therapy on... and off ever since. But when I was jumping up and down at 68 years old.... I felt it.. On April 16 th I had an Appointment with Greg Gerstin at Align. I am elated with his experience Chiropractic Care. I previously averaged 100 to 300 to maybe 1000 steps. But now I walk at the Beach and I am up to 3500 a day and I am so so happy to rejoin the world!😊 Next Vacations 😎read more
Teresa Riesche
Teresa Riesche
18:36 28 Apr 21
This is the place you want to go visit to deal with the pain or other spinal issues that are interfering with your life. I've only had a few visits and already am feeling a real lessening of the pain that have been limiting my normal daily... activities. After my initial examination that included X-RAYS and consultation with Dr. Gersten where He explained the things that were an issue and what was needed to address/correct those issues, I was started on the therapy process designed to deal with my particular issues which have been quite effective. All types of equipment are available for patients to use according to their needs along with physical alignments administered by Dr. Gersten. The staff here are very helpful and friendly seeing to your therapy needs as well. If your a Veteran let them know for an extra special more
Robert Merz
Robert Merz
05:40 25 Apr 21
I have been going to Dr. Gregg for three months now and feel so much better. I had bad Whiplash and today my posture is so much better. I'm taller now! Dr. Gregg and the rest of the team has been great!! Thank you!
Chuck Kramer
Chuck Kramer
20:43 19 Apr 21
Dr. Gerstin is the best chiropractor. He and his entire team are absolutely delightful. Dr. Gerstin truly cares about his patients and takes the time to invest into each person's individual needs to help them become their optimal self. I highly... recommend more
Sani Cici
Sani Cici
23:39 14 Apr 21

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Welcome to Align Wellness Center, we want to be your Northbrook chiropractor. Our office helps patients with back painneck painheadaches and sciatica each and every day. If you, or someone you love is suffering from one of these conditions, we can help!

We specialize in spinal rehabilitation, whiplash treatment and posture correction. Additionally, our cold laser provides relaxing and soothing treatments for tight and tender muscles. Our practice utilizes multiple chiropractic adjusting techniques, which gives us the ability to tailor our approach to your specific needs and concerns. If you are looking for a specific adjustment style, please call 847-564-9500.

We provide rehabilitation services too, that’s where we build up the surrounding muscles in your spine to help support and maintain your spinal adjustments. Exercises strengthen and support weakened areas of the spine, and stretches release tight areas. By combining chiropractic adjustments and exercise therapy we get superior results. This synergy allows us to get results with tough neck and back pain.

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If you are troubled by persistent pain in their back, shoulder, neck, or extremities should seek chiropractic treatment, rather than getting into the habit of taking pain-killers or medications. Those other things only temporarily resolve your pain and discomfort, and as soon as the medication wears off, all the pain returns in full force and the problem is still there.

Align Wellness Center takes an entirely different approach with chiropractic care, and seeks to eliminate the actual source of the pain, wherever that may be in the body. By dealing with the underlying cause of pain and discomfort, the problem can actually be significantly reduced or eliminated altogether. This means you will not be obliged to reach for pain-killers whenever you feel any kind of discomfort, because the frequency of such episodes will have been largely diminished.

When you’re ready to take care of your health and your overall wellness, you should schedule your Free Consult with us (Click Here). We will begin with a comprehensive interview that assesses your medical background and history and then proceed to a discussion of any aches or pains you have currently. Then we’ll use state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose the real source of that pain and discomfort so that we’ll be able to work with you on the development of a program of treatment.

This treatment program will be fully customized for you, and it will address the real underlying cause of any problems you have. You can expect that all our chiropractic techniques will be non-invasive, and will not include the use of medications or surgeries. Our specialty is in administering the principles of chiropractic biophysics, we focus on restoring balance to your body and maintaining a state of optimal wellness indefinitely.

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