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Untreated neck pain can reduce your quality of life.

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If you’re seeking neck pain treatment in Northbrook, IL, the place to go is the Align Wellness Center, where our expert chiropractic specialists can relieve whatever kind of neck pain you’re feeling, so you can get back to your normal daily activities. Some neck pain will dissipate all on its own after a few hours, but other times it lingers for days or even weeks, and this is when you should seek expert chiropractic treatment at our facility.

Sometimes neck pain is not actually characterized by an aching neck, and what the victim notices is a reduction of range of motion for the head, constant tightness in the neck, or stiffness in the neck during certain body positions. If any of these symptoms are present for a prolonged period, you should contact us right away.

What causes Neck Pain?

Treating the source of the problem


In order to relieve the symptoms of your neck pain, the precise cause of that pain must be diagnosed, rather than trying to mask the symptoms with medications or pain-killers. One possible cause of neck pain is an injury which you may have sustained that wrenched muscles or nerves in your neck area. Muscle strains are another common reason that people feel neck pain, and since the muscles of your neck must support your entire head, it’s easy for them to become strained by certain activities.

In many cases, neck pain is caused by aging joints, because the cartilage between those joints eventually wears down. When that happens, there’s much less protection and insulation between moving bones in the joints, and any friction between those bones can cause considerable pain. Another fairly common cause of neck pain are compressed nerves. Whenever you have slipped or herniated discs in your upper vertebrae, they can press on the nerves in your neck and cause you to feel either numbness, headaches, or tingling in the extremities.

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How does chiropractic care treat Neck Pain?

Options for care at Align Wellness Center


Expert chiropractic care can generally slow down the progress of any cause of neck pain you might have, and in some cases it can halt that progress altogether. Without the need for any kind of medication or pain-killers, chiropractic care can help a patient experience relief from neck pain for short periods and sometimes for much longer periods. Chiropractic care is one of the safest ways of treating neck pain, and it’s also the least invasive option.

Anyone who is obliged to sit at their desk for long periods of time working on a computer, or anyone who must be involved with repetitive motions at their job, might be subject to developing neck pain, because the spine is maintained in an unnatural position for a long time. While your spine is quite flexible, it’s not constructed to be maintained in the same position for hours at a time.

When this does happen, it puts a severe strain on all the tendons, ligaments, muscles, and discs between the vertebrae. Over a period of time, the strain can build up and it can even cause the spine to be permanently misaligned. This is where expert chiropractors can provide invaluable service, because gentle spinal manipulations can help realign your spine, thus relieving all the built-up pain and pressure exerted on nerves throughout the spinal column.

At Align Wellness Center, we offer chiropractic care, cold laser therapy, disc compression therapy, sciatica treatment, and so much more to relieve pain, restore spinal function, and restore structural integrity. Also, we offer wellness programs for those who are seeking to remain healthy in the long run.

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