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At Align Wellness Center of Highland Park, IL, we offer the best in chiropractic care, as well as state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment which can pinpoint the source of your pain and discomfort. Unlike conventional medical practice, which often treats pain with medication and pain-killers, chiropractic care endeavors to ferret out the underlying cause of your pain, i.e. whatever it is that continues to trigger the discomfort you feel in your daily life. Once we know what the real problem is, our skilled practitioners can work with you to develop a treatment program which focuses on eliminating that source of pain, and on helping you to stay pain-free. 

Our approach to pain treatment has won us the respect and gratitude of a great many individuals in the area and beyond, many of whom are now living a pain-free existence after suffering through months or years of chronic discomfort. We have adopted this approach because we recognize the tremendous value chiropractic care delivers in the treatment of pain. Our well-trained and experienced specialists understand how spinal misalignments or subluxations can cause extra pressure to be exerted on nerves in some areas, and that ends up being the source of pain for many people.

By re-aligning the spine into its proper position, the pressure on nerves is relieved, and that causes a cessation of the pain felt by a patient. Naturally, over the course of time, it will be possible for the spine to once again slip into its misaligned position, and when that happens, a follow-up session of gentle spinal manipulation may be necessary. Every patient and every case is different, so whatever your circumstances are, you can rely on the fact that we can help you at the Align Wellness Center. All you have to do is take the first step and arrange for an initial consultation.



Highland Park Chiropractor Offers the Following Services

We offer a wide variety of specialty services at our clinic, and one or more of them might be recommended in your case by our specialists. Depending on what you are experiencing, and what our diagnostic tests reveal as a source of pain, we will discuss several possible options, including one or more of the following:

  • Chiropractic care – often includes gentle spinal manipulation and massage of areas impacted by misaligned vertebrae
  • Nutritional counseling – eating the right foods can be critical to maintaining your overall state of health and wellness
  • Massage therapy – expert massage therapy can relieve aching muscles and restore functionality to nerves which have been stressed or pressured
  • PNF stretching – proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation helps to increase range of motion as well as flexibility
  • Detoxification – involves ridding the body of toxins which inhibit health and performance.

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When you’re ready to break the cycle of medications and pain-killers, and address the real bodily issues which have been troubling you and holding you back, you should contact us at the Align Wellness Center in Highland Park, IL. Rather than masking your symptoms, we go after the true cause of your pain and discomfort, so you’ll have a real chance of becoming pain-free for a long period of time.

Customer Reviews

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Chiropractic Care in Highland Park, IL, 60035

“ your life. I've only had a few visits and already am feeling a real lessening of the pain that have been limiting my normal daily activities. After my initial examination that included X-RAYS and consultation with Dr. Gersten where He explained the things that were an issue and what was needed to address/correct those issues, I was started on the therapy process designed to deal with my particular issues which have been quite effective. All types of equipment are available for patients to use according to their needs along with physical alignments administered by Dr. Gersten. The staff here are very helpful and friendly seeing to your therapy needs as well. If your a Veteran let them know for an extra special experience. ”

- Robert M.

Whiplash in Highland Park, IL, 60035

“ I have been going to Dr. Gregg for three months now and feel so much better. I had bad Whiplash and today my posture is so much better. I'm taller now! Dr. Gregg and the rest of the team has been great!! Thank you! ”

- M. B.

Sciatic Pain Treatment in Highland Park, IL, 60035

“ I have been dealing with sciatic pain for three months and after my third visit with Dr. Gerstin the pain is about 90% better. The results are almost instant. Both the doctor and the staff are incredibly pleasant and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend! ”

- Irene S.

Back Pain in Highland Park, IL, 60035

“ On April 3rd I re injured my back. My doctor gave me medication. But the pain was horrible. I had a transformal lumbar interbody fusion on L2-L3 with instrumentation and Allgraft and Laminectomy L4 in 2015. I have been taken Physical Therapy on and off ever since. But when I was jumping up and down at 68 years old.... I felt it.. On April 16 th I had an Appointment with Greg Gerstin at Align. I am elated with his experience Chiropractic Care. I previously averaged 100 to 300 to maybe 1000 steps. But now I walk at the Beach and I am up to 3500 a day and I am so so happy to rejoin the world!😊 Next Vacations 😎 ”

- Theresa R.

Chiropractic BioPhysics in Highland Park, IL, 60035

“ I love Align Wellness Center. The team is fantastic. They are so caring and kind. I felt comfortable right away when I came to the office. The doctor takes his time and comes up with a plan that is specific for you. Dr. Gerstin is the best. He is an amazing adjuster and very knowledgeable about chiropractic and the body. I highly recommend Align To my friends and family members. ”

- Misty M.

Disc Decompression Therapy in Highland Park, IL, 60035

“ My husband Kris and I are having a really great experience with Align Wellness Center. We have seen different chiropractors over our adult lives and we have to say that Dr. Gregg Gerstin is one of the best. He’s an experienced professional and has a team of dedicated receptionists. I’m an autoimmune patient and I also have a hiatal hernia and I haven’t felt myself in 3 years. On my first week of treatment with Dr. Gerstin I actually felt like I was 15 again. I never take the time to write reviews, it’s not my thing, but when you come across such amazing care, you just have to. I’m happy to recommend Align and I cannot wait for all of you to feel better and live a good life. ”

- Kris S.

Shoulder Pain in Highland Park, IL, 60035

“ I feel so much better since coming to Align Wellness. My shoulders no longer hurt. The staff is so nice and welcoming. I am hopeful I will continue to improve and gain more strength. ”

- Nancy M.

Sports Injury Pain in Highland Park, IL, 60035

“ I have gone to Dr GG for three episodes of lower back pain. I have seen his practice evolve over time and he is always keeping up with the latest treatment options. The last time I went I was training for the Chicago marathon and was not running well and with pain. In three months, I was able to train and improve my performance to finish the race. ”

- David D.

Neck Pain in Highland Park, IL, 60035

“ I have been seeing Dr. Gregg for a neck issue for the past six months and his entire team has been extremely friendly and informative throughout the whole process. They really care about their patients' overall health and provide guidance well beyond just cracking your back. Dr. Gregg has a clear focus on doing whatever it takes to make his patients feel better and makes a point to educate you on your own condition, healthy lifestyle choices and the human body in general. I appreciate everything Align Wellness Center, and Dr. Gregg in particular, have done for me. I would highly recommend them to anyone with a neck/back issue or undiagnosed chronic pain. ”

- Nick S.

Cold Laser Therapy in Highland Park, IL, 60035

“ You will not find a more detail oriented, result oriented chiropractor out there. If you are looking for great results and a truly gifted human being, you should go here! ”

- Steven J.