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As more and more people are discovering, chiropractic care can provide the very best solution for many of the pains and discomforts which accumulate from day-to-day living. In many cases, people acquire spinal misalignment and sustain nerve damage without even realizing it, and this can cause many of the aches and pains which trouble us every day.

A common reaction to these kinds of aches and pains is to seek medications and pain-killers which provide temporary relief. However, these do nothing to address the actual root cause of the problem, and that’s how chiropractic care is very different. When you come to our chiropractic clinic at Align Wellness Center, we will diagnose the root cause of your problem, so that a program of treatment can be developed which will significantly reduce or eliminate the source of the problem entirely.

This is a much better approach than simply masking the symptoms with pain-killers and medications, which do nothing to actually treat the underlying cause of the problem. As your Northbrook chiropractor, we will also try to educate you about whole-body health and what you can do to avoid future spinal misalignment and nerve damage. This will empower you to maintain good health all on your own, so that future treatments can be minimized or completely eliminated. Whether you need to eliminate pain, restore a spinal misalignment, or recover good posture, we can help you achieve your goals and live a healthier lifestyle.

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About chiropractic care

What is it and how can it help?


Chiropractic care is much different than traditional medical care, in that it eschews pain-killers, medications, and invasive forms of surgery to treat bodily problems. Experienced and knowledgeable chiropractors are aware of the fact that the body’s spinal cord houses the nervous system, and that any time some kind of spinal misalignment occurs, it can put pressure on various nerve tissue, which a patient will sense as pain and discomfort.

Anytime you’ve been through an accident, a fall, repetitive motions, or poor posture, this can cause a subtle misalignment of your spine, which in turn might place undue pressure on the surrounding nerve tissue. Whenever this happens, it could result in pain of either a minor nature or in some cases, something so extreme that it’s actually debilitating.

The primary feature of chiropractic care is spinal adjustment, and once your underlying problem has been diagnosed, treatment will center on restoring good spinal positioning in that specific area. That in turn, will relieve pressure on nerve tissue in the region, and you will notice that your pain and discomfort will subside after that.

In some cases, it may take several chiropractic treatments in order to restore good spinal alignment, and in other cases a single session might do the trick. Regardless of how long it takes, you will definitely notice a positive influence from chiropractic treatment on any aches or pains you’re feeling in the following areas:

  • lower back
  • neck
  • shoulders
  • hips
  • arms and fingers.

What’s involved with spinal adjustment?

What to expect from our Northbrook chiropractors


A knowledgeable chiropractor will use a very specific application of gentle force with their hands to manipulate the spine. There are of course, many different techniques which can be used in spinal manipulation, beginning with low-force methods. For the most part, spinal adjustments are carried out with simple hand manipulation, although in some cases it’s also necessary to use such devices as a traction machine which stretches out the spine, thereby relieving pressure.

Sometimes spinal adjustments are accompanied by cold laser therapy, which helps to restore nerve tissue to its former healthy condition, so it can again function normally. Whatever combination of manipulations and therapy are used, they will always be part of a customized treatment program for an individual. Since every patient is different, they will always have their own specific set of aches and pains, and they will always have their own state of health. All these factors are considered in providing a customized program of treatment when you visit us at Align Wellness Center.

At Align Wellness Center, we offer chiropractic care, cold laser therapy, disc compression therapy, sciatica treatment, and so much more to relieve pain, restore spinal function, and restore structural integrity. Also, we offer wellness programs for those who are seeking to remain healthy in the long run.

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