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CBP is a new highly advanced diagnostic method

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The Chiropractic Approach

An all-natural, non-invasive method for pain treatment


Much of chiropractic care centers around the health of the spinal cord and the nervous tissue contained within it. All messages transmitted throughout the body are carried by the nerves encased within the spinal cord, and that means whenever your spine is misaligned or in some way damaged, it can have a major impact on the nervous system contained within.

For instance, if you have a spinal misalignment or subluxation, that could put undue pressure on specific nerves, and that could be felt in your body as pain in that area. It could also disrupt the messaging between the brain and the rest of your body, and that could cause all kinds of other problems.

In order to restore balance to your body, it will be necessary to correct any spinal misalignments, so that the nerves can resume their normal function, and the spine can be restored to its proper positioning. Chiropractic care will often involve gentle manipulations of the spine so as to bring about this proper positioning, and to relieve any pressure on nerve tissue in the area.

Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP)

Dr. Gregg Gerstin is certified in CBP care


This is the most popular technique for chiropractic care, and it was originally developed around 1980. More than 200 scientific studies have been conducted on various aspects of CBP, and that makes it one of the most highly researched and investigated medical techniques in existence. The goal of CBP is to optimize posture and spinal alignment, while documenting any improvements in functionality and pain reduction.

The specific goals of CBP are as follows:

  • establish optimal posture – this is done by ensuring that the head, ribcage, and pelvis are vertically aligned, as seen from the front and the side
  • ideal spinal alignment – the normal and proper spinal alignment consists of having proper frontal vertical alignment, and exhibiting characteristics of the average spinal model from the side
  • normal functionality – this includes improving all movements, as well as range of motion and muscle strength
  • better health and fewer symptoms – better health is achieved by reduction of discomfort in the lower back and neck, and the elimination of pain or discomfort in those areas.
Chiropractic BioPhysics service

Chiropractic Care is much more than Chiropractic Adjustments

Here are just a few of the conditions that we have successfully treated:


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