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Scoliosis is defined as a spinal deformity which has more than 10° of lateral rotation or bending, and it can cause severe pain, an undesirable aesthetic appearance, and a lower quality of life in any individual afflicted by it. It is important to note that there are several different types of scoliosis, the most common of which is idiopathic scoliosis, for which there is no known cause.

The incidence of scoliosis is most prevalent in girls between the ages of 10 and 12, and in boys between the ages of 13 and 14. The frequency of occurrence is similar to both genders, although the condition seems to be more pronounced with females than with males. Given the fact that it can have such a profound impact on a young person’s sense of well-being and their sense of worth, it’s very important that you have your children screened for scoliosis at the appropriate age.

A simple screening will provide early detection for the condition, and that will make it much more treatable. If scoliosis is not detected at an early age, there is a much greater chance of spinal curvature progression and an abnormal development in the spine. This condition is largely irreversible once it occurs, and it can have a major impact on the life of someone afflicted by it, on into adulthood. To prevent this from happening, you should bring your children into the Align Wellness Center so they can receive scoliosis treatment in Northbrook, IL.

Scoliosis Screenings

The signs and symptoms of scoliosis


All scoliosis screenings are 100% safe, and they’re absolutely essential for identifying the development of the disease and for treating young patients who might otherwise have an undetected condition. If the condition is not identified an early age, it will almost always lead to pain and discomfort while standing or sitting, weakness in the muscles, problems with vital organs, and various asymmetries in spinal and body alignment.

On the other hand, early detection of scoliosis will provide for the possibility of better monitoring, more effective treatment options, and non-surgical options which will deliver optimal results. Here are some signs you should look for when you think your teen or youngster may have scoliosis:

  • asymmetrical waist
  • asymmetrical hips
  • asymmetrical shoulders
  • rib hump
  • prominent shoulder blades
  • visible curvature of the spine.
Scoliosis treatment service

Treatment for Scoliosis

Review your Northbrook scoliosis options and treatment plan at Align Wellness Center


The program of treatment for scoliosis which we recommend at Align Wellness Center will always depend on the severity of the condition in your child, as well as the stage of curvature of the spine. If scoliosis is not treated, it will almost certainly worsen over a period of years and become even more problematic. In cases where your child has a mild curvature of the spine, we might recommend rehabilitation or close observation, before using any interventional techniques or methods.

Once curvature has become moderate, it may be necessary to implement scoliosis bracing. Severe cases of curvature may call for corrective surgery, and we might also recommend a number of different therapies including scoliosis rehabilitation, and several different exercises. Because the impact of scoliosis can be so severe on your child, and its effects can be so long-lasting, it is highly recommended that you screen your child for scoliosis at the appropriate age.

Contact us at your earliest opportunity so that we can arrange for a screening for your child, and so scoliosis can be detected at the earliest possible age, allowing for a great many more treatment options.

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