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Vertigo is not actually a medical condition itself, but is actually a symptom of some underlying medical condition. Anyone experiencing vertigo might feel that the world is spinning around them, or that they are feeling a dizzy sensation and are off-balance. For some people, the sensation is barely noticeable, while for others it can be so severe that it’s hard to keep your balance and complete any of your normal activities or tasks. If a session lasts for several days, it can be extremely disruptive for a person, and may even become debilitating.

What Causes Vertigo?

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Balance and dizziness are mostly attributable to four primary areas of the body, and the first of these is more often the cause of dizziness or loss of balance than the other three. The vestibular canals in your ears can affect you more than any other cause, and these typically get the most attention from physicians. However, the other three areas can also play a major role in contributing to dizziness, so they should never be ignored. The joint receptors in the cervical spine and neck provide a tremendous amount of feedback to the brain, and this information is received by the balance center of the brain.

If there’s been any kind of disturbance in your neck which has been in place for a while, it’s very possible this can be converted into dizziness for the patient. The proprioceptors of your body tell the brain about pain, placement, and position, and if they should misfire or misconnect, it can lead to dizziness. The last area which is often overlooked is the temporomandibular joint, or the jaw, and this can also have a role in causing someone to feel off balance or dizzy.

woman with vertigo and dizziness

What are the Vertigo Symptoms

What to look for if you are feeling dizzy


Attacks of vertigo can be relatively mild, or they might be very severe and last for several days without interruption. One of the most common symptoms of vertigo is the loss of balance, and this can make it hard to stand upright and walk properly. The dizziness is of course another very common symptom of vertigo, and this can be quite disruptive to a person’s lifestyle, because it either seems like you are spinning or that the rest of the world is spinning around you. Another fairly common symptom of vertigo is that the victim feels nauseous, and sometimes does actually get sick during an episode.

Vertigo Care

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Sometimes vertigo will clear up of its own accord, and never bother a victim again. At the other end of the spectrum, some people have recurring episodes of vertigo which last for years. In the early stages of the condition, medications are often effective, for instance some kinds of antihistamines. Vestibular rehabilitation training (VRT) can be effective for some patients, given that it includes a number of exercises which help to relieve the symptoms.

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If your vertigo symptoms are severe, or if they persist for longer than a couple weeks, you should consult your family physician.

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