What to Expect

When coming to Aligned Wellness Center for an appointment


Your first experience at Align Wellness Center will be a little different than other Chiropractors or other healthcare provides.  On that visit you will expense our 3D BioStructural Analysis.  This will provide our team the necessary information to know what is going on, if we can help and how to outline the first steps in that.  During the 3D BioStructural Analysis you will experience:

  • ✅ A Timeline History of your Condition
  • ✅ 3D Posture Exam
  • ✅ Digital Posture Exam
  • ✅ Chiropractic Orthopedic Neurological Exam
  • ✅ Any Spinal X-Rays that are necessary (digitized copy included)

If there is anything we can do to help we will get right to work, however, our doctors don’t want to guess with your health and want to be sure we can help before we just get started.

The doctors will get to work studying your Analysis and developing the best next steps for you to get back to an amazing life.  They will look to go over that with you the next day if possible to let you know what is going on, if we can help and the first next best steps for you to get back to your life and live even better than before.

While our doctors are studying your 3D BioStructural Analysis, our administration team will reach out to any insurance you may have to understand how and if they will participate in your care in the office.

To get ready for your first visit, and to save you time in the office, please fill out this New Patient Application.

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