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Of all the joints in your body, the one which is most commonly injured is the shoulder. Given the fact that your shoulders have the greatest range of motion in your body, it makes sense that they would be the most susceptible to some kind of injury which limits that range of motion. Fortunately, just about all of these injuries and restrictions can be treated through chiropractic care, so whatever kind of injury you have sustained with your shoulder, we will be able to help you recover.

Consult with your Northbrook shoulder pain chiropractor at the Align Wellness Center, because expert chiropractic care will almost always be your best bet to recover from any kind of shoulder injury. We have specific treatment programs which are intended to restore range of motion, and these can be used to help you recover more quickly from whatever injury you’ve sustained.

Basic types of shoulder pain

Diagnosis and treatment plans available at Align Wellness Center in Northbrook, IL


Almost all of the possible injuries to your shoulder boil down to four individual categories. The first is pediatric shoulder pain, and this will generally affect growing youngsters who experience growth plate injuries triggered by tendon or joint overuse. Degenerative shoulder pain involves tendon degeneration or tears to the rotator cuff, and this is something that many athletes will commonly experience.

Degenerative shoulder pain also includes shoulder arthritis which involves inflammation of the shoulder joint. Traumatic shoulder pain results from some kind of fracture to the joint, and sometimes also includes violent tears of the rotator cuff. Post-traumatic shoulder pain will generally be caused by arthritis, or by progressively debilitating tears to the rotator cuff.

Shoulder injury treatment at Align Wellness Center

First, we diagnose and then we treat.


Over the course of our history, we have had the chance to treat many different types of shoulder injuries, and these injuries have been caused by a whole slew of different sources. This has gained valuable experience for our team of specialists, and that’s why we’ll be able to provide the appropriate treatment for whatever kind of shoulder injury you’ve sustained. Once we’ve identified the precise cause of your shoulder pain and discomfort, will be able to address it with a program of treatment targeted at that specific underlying cause. Here are some of the shoulder treatments we have helped our patients recover from in the past:

  • tendinitis – this often shows up as a stiffness or swelling in various tendons around the region of the shoulder.
  • adhesive capsulitis – this is sometimes referred to as frozen shoulder, and it happens when the connective tissue around your shoulder becomes inflamed.
  • joint replacement – post-surgical rehabilitation has a powerful impact on helping your shoulder replacement achieve normal functionality.
  • shoulder fractures – these types of injuries are generally precipitated by sports accidents, and sometimes by falls on ice or other slippery surfaces.
  • shoulder dislocations – these are often triggered by a sports injury, and they are generally accompanied by some tears of ligaments in the area.
  • labrum tears – these types of injuries generally occur to cartilage supporting the shoulder socket joint.
  • shoulder impingement – when the tendons of your rotator cuff become inflamed, it will often result in a shoulder impingement.
  • tears of the rotator cuff – these are injuries which affect the tendons surrounding the rotator cuff itself.
  • bursitis – inflammation around the joints and tissues of your shoulder will frequently cause pain and stiffness whenever you try to move the shoulder.

Whether you have sustained an injury or some kind of pain and discomfort in your shoulder from one of these causes or an entirely different one, we’ll be able to help you recover normal range of motion at the Align Wellness Center.

At Align Wellness Center, we offer chiropractic care, cold laser therapy, disc compression therapy, sciatica treatment, and so much more to relieve pain, restore spinal function, and restore structural integrity. Also, we offer wellness programs for those who are seeking to remain healthy in the long run.

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