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Back Pain ChiropractorAs the lead chiropractor and owner of Align Wellness Center in Northbrook Illinois – specializing in corrective chiropractic care – we see thousands of patients each year complaining of back pain and neck pain.

Most patients tell me that they’ve either ignored their symptoms for way too long, are tired of masking their pain with over the counter drugs, or are in a state of depression because their quality of life has taken a nosedive, and they’re at their wits’ end.

When I ask my new patients why they think they have back pain or neck pain, most blame their clunky old mattresses, pillows, office chairs, laptops, dehydration, bad eyesight, sinusitis, or a heavy case of water bottles they picked up at Costco six months ago!

While those answers can all attribute to their condition, the reason most people suffer with chronic back pain and neck pain is actually spinal misalignment. Chiropractors call this vertebral subluxation, and it refers to the misalignment of one or more vertebra in the neck or back. Spinal misalignments can cause pain, discomfort, fatigue, tingling and numbness in the extremities, feeling of being unwell, organ dysfunction, and even disease.

How Can Spinal Misalignment Lead to Health Issues?

The reason you are experiencing back pain or neck pain is simple. Subluxations or spinal misalignment stretch and / or exert pressure on the delicate nerves flowing out of your spine.

Just like a pinched or kinked water hose that fails to deliver adequate water to your garden – and leads to ugly brown dry patches on your lawn- a pinched or stretched nerve in your neck or back can reduce or diminish vital nerve energy from flowing freely between the brain and the rest of your body.

Vital organs that don’t receive uninterrupted nerve energy will lose the ability to function and heal, leading to disease.

How Do I Know If My Spine is Misaligned?

Almost every person has spinal misalignments, the extent of which depends on each individual’s lifestyle, past trauma, and postural habits. From infants and adults, to athletes and office workers, we are all susceptible to spinal misalignments.

Add gravity and a dose of old injuries into the mix, and now you have a perfect recipe for chronic pain, mobility issues, and disease. That’s why it’s extremely important to maintain a healthy spine through regular chiropractic care – even if you don’t feel any symptoms related to back pain or neck pain just yet.
If you answer YES to any of the following questions, your spine is most likely misaligned and you need to get yourself checked out:

  • Have you ever been in an automobile or motorcycle accident at one point in your life – whether minor, moderate, or major?
  • Have you ever played any type of sports – as a child or an adult?
  • Have you ever fallen from the stairs, tripped, or fallen down?
  • Do you spend more than 20 minutes a day watching TV?
  • Do you spend more than 20 minutes a day driving?
  • Do you spend more than 20 minutes a day on your cell phone or tablet?
  • Have you lifted heavy boxes, furniture, babies / kids, or groceries in your life?
  • Do you sleep on your side or belly – whether for sleep or watching TV?

Can My Spinal Misalignment Be Fixed?

While 99% of chiropractors can help with immediate pain relief, only 1% are trained to actually correct the structure of the spine for long-term pain relief and improvement in overall health and wellness.

At Align Wellness Center, Chiropractor in Northbrook, we are proud to hold an Advanced Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) technique certification. CBP is the most researched, scientific, results oriented, and published corrective chiropractic technique in the world.

We aim for optimal postural and spinal alignment as our primary goals, while simultaneously improving our patients’ pain, symptoms, and mobility.

By utilizing digital x-rays, postural assessment software, and thorough chiropractic and neurological exams, we are able to determine the extent and severity of a person’s misalignment or postural problems, and design a custom rehabilitation program to address it.

If you or a loved one in the Chicago or Northbrook area are needlessly suffering with pain, discomfort, fatigue, or health issues, please contact Align Wellness Center to see if you are a candidate for our corrective care program.

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