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At Northbrook Chiropractic, my new patients always ask me to explain the main differences between traditional (or regular) chiropractic care, and corrective chiropractic care.

Of course, those patients already under my care know – and definitely feel – the vast differences between the two, and understand why I choose to treat them with corrective chiropractic care.

Let me ask you a question first. How many of you have had work done on your home or car? How many times has the contractor or mechanic talked to you about patching up a problem, versus spending a little extra time and resources to actually fix the problem permanently? If you are a smart home or car owner, chances are you choose to get the problem fixed long-term, versus patching it up every so often, right?

Regular or Traditional Chiropractic Care

First thing’s first… all chiropractors start off as traditional chiropractors – including myself. We all aim to relieve pain and discomfort by adjusting the spine and getting rid of subluxations – or slight misalignments of the vertebrae.

With the vertebrae back in alignment, the delicate nerves in the neck and back are no longer being stretched, pinched, or exerted pressure on, and therefore the patient’s pain and discomfort subsides for a while.

More importantly an aligned spine means uninterrupted nerve energy flowing from the brain into the limbs and vital organ, allowing the body to heal and function as it was intended.

I can hear a lot of you say, “wow doc, that sounds AMAZING… where do I sign up for chiropractic care!?”

The only problem I see with traditional chiropractic care however, is that results are often short-lived. What do I mean by that? Usually chiropractic adjustments hold your vertebra in alignment for a a few hours, a few days, or even a week or two at best – if you’re lucky.

But then gravity, poor postural habits, picking up your child, or lifting grocery bags will slowly return your spine to the same problematic and subluxated state that it was in. That’s because the structure of the spine wasn’t fixed to handle your everyday stresses… and therefore any force – even minor ones – can easily misalign the spine.

The Corrective Chiropractic Care Difference

Corrective chiropractic care is a specialty that some chiropractors choose to pursue – including myself at Northbrook Chiropractic Center. In my opinion, it’s a much better form of chiropractic care because it aims to correct the structure of the spine, and address the root cause of pain and health problems long-term.

That’s because instead of constantly adjusting the patient’s spine every few days for temporary pain or symptom relief, corrective chiropractic care actually aims to reshape the spine to its optimal shape, and hold the vertebrae in alignment long-term.

Why Corrective Care Should Be Your Choice

As the name implies, “corrective” refers to the correction of the spinal structure. As you are probably aware, almost all of us are either spending too much time behind our computers at work, looking down at our cell phones every two minutes, laying on the sofa binge watching an entire season of whatever, or leaning sideways in gridlock traffic day in and day out.

Over time, our poor postural habits, combined with past injuries change the shape of our spine. Heads get shifted forward, necks lose their natural curves, and spines get twisted out of place just to handle all the new forces being exerted on it.

Corrective chiropractic doctors specializing in Chiropractic BioPhysics first examine your spine, then take x-rays to see how your spine is stacking up. Using postural assessment software, they are able to measure just how much correction needs to be made, and create a custom treatment plan to get you not only out of pain, but an optimal spine.

I won’t lie… a spine that was neglected for years or decades, will take months to reshape. During the rehabilitation process, your spine is adjusted to take you out of pain. Then, through postural exercises and mirror image adjustments and traction, your spine is slowly molded back to its healthy and strong shape.

There is absolutely no pain or discomfort involved in this process. Patients at my Northbrook Chiropractic Clinic report a wide range of symptoms dissipating in their first few weeks of corrective chiropractic care. Usually back pain and neck pain start dissipating, then headaches and migraines. Before long, other diseases such as acid reflux, allergies, or asthma start to clear up. Why? Because healing nerve energy is not flowing to those vital organs without interruption!

If you or a loved on in Northbrook or surrounding areas are experiencing back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, disease, fatigue, or any other health issues and want to give corrective chiropractic care a try, please contact our office for an appointment.

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