Why Top Athletes Use Chiropractic Care

Daily training and practices can cause stress, strains, sprains, stiffness of muscles, and a misaligned spine. These conditions can lower your performance level. Whether you are an aspiring professional athlete or just starting exercise practices, considering chiropractic care is beneficial for helping you recover from sport-related injuries.

A chiropractor will help you improve your immune system and alleviate pain caused by the injury, thus, increasing your athletic performance. At Align Wellness Center in Northbrook, IL, we have been helping athletes recover from injuries and restore wellness through non-invasive chiropractic strategies. Talk to us.

How Does Chiropractic Care Help Athletes Improve Their Performance?

Chiropractic care involves enhancing the functioning of the nerves, muscles, joints, and brain. When you visit a chiropractor, he will focus on helping you deal with the injury while improving your overall wellness. Adjustment of the spine is performed for proper alignment.

This also reduces interference between your body and the brain. With proper nerve function and blood flow, your body will have an easy time to heal from an injury. A research shows that most of the world’s top athletes consider the services of a chiropractor.

Some of the top athletes use chiropractic care include:

  • Michael Jordan, NBA
  • Tom Brady, NFL
  • Tiger Woods, PGA

How Athletes Benefit From Chiropractic Care

Increased range of motion

Sports involve constant movements. However, issues with stiff muscles can hinder you from engaging in your sports. With regular chiropractic treatments, you may experience increased flexibility that can help you achieve your goals. Your chiropractor will perform spinal manipulation to stretch your tight muscles. This increases the range of motion and allows you to score a winning goal.

Prevent injuries

Many athletes wait until they experience an injury. That’s when they consider chiropractic care. But do you know that you can prevent injuries from occurring by considering chiropractic adjustments? This approach helps to improve performance, and increase blood flow and range of motion, thus, reducing the risk of injury. A recent study reported that athletes who considered chiropractic care encounter fewer injuries than those who didn’t.

Provide pain relief

The spine contains muscles, joints, nerves, ligaments, and discs. When a misalignment in the spine occurs, these pain-sensitive tissues experience stress and strain, causing pain throughout the body. Your chiropractor will implement techniques to improve joint functions while reducing pain and inflammation.

Decreased the recovery time

Chiropractic adjustment focuses on improving your overall health. During the treatment sessions, your chiropractor will help to relax the muscles and correct any misalignment that might have occurred during the injury. When the muscles relax, there will be efficient blood flow, and essential nutrients will enter the injured site, thus promoting healing.

Discover the source of injuries

You may assume that the headaches you are experiencing result from dehydration or stress from a heavy workout when the main cause is a misaligned vertebra. This situation can make you treat the wrong issue. A chiropractor starts performing tests and examining your overall health to find the root cause of the issue. With this, he can develop the right treatment plan to prevent the symptoms from worsening.

Chiropractic care for athletes at Align Wellness Center 

Don’t wait until you encounter an injury to seek chiropractic care. At Align Wellness Center, our main goal is to help athletes prevent and treat injuries to perform at optimal levels. We have a team of experienced chiropractors located in Northbrook, IL. 

Contact Align Wellness Center for more information.


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