5 Stretches for Lower Back Pain & 4 Supplements to Avoid Back Pain

Lower back pain is extremely common, affecting about 80% of the population at one time or another, and there are many causes of back pain. It can result from a strain in the muscles or tendons as well as in the back. Structural problems and disk injuries are another common cause. Pain can range from mild to severe but will often get better with rest, physical therapy and medication but some back injuries may be chronic and may require surgical repair. Risk factors that increase your chance of having back pain includes:

  • Weight – Obese individuals or those carrying extra weight are more likely to have back pain as it puts pressure on joints and disks.
  • Lifestyle – Jobs and hobbies that require heavy lifting, or a lot of bending can increase the risk of back problems.
  • Age – Individuals over the age of 30 have more risks of back pain because disks wear away with age. As the disks weaken and wear down, pain and stiffness can result.
  • Disease – Family histories of osteoarthritis and certain cancers have a higher risk of having low back pain.

stretches for lower back pain

Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

Low back pain can take the form of a wide variety of symptoms. It ranges from very mild to severe and debilitating. Low back pain may start suddenly, or slowly over time and depending on the underlying cause of the pain, symptoms can be experienced in different ways.

  • Stiffness – Having difficulty moving or straightening the back, limited range of motion.
  • Pain – Sharp, dull or achy pain that may become worse when moving and feel relieved when lying down.
  • Muscle spasms – After being strained, muscles in the lower back can spasm or contract uncontrollably which can cause extreme pain and make it difficult to stand, walk or move.

Treatment for Low Back Pain

There are many kinds of back pain treatments. Asude from stretches for lower back pain, basic at-home treatment can be effective for treating mild or acute back pain. After a few days of rest, you will be able to start to get back to your normal activities.

  • Apply Heat/Ice – A heating pad, warm bath, or adhesive heat wraps can help relax your tense muscles which will increase blood flow and allow the muscle to heal faster. If the pain is due to inflammation, use ice instead such as a cold pack.
  • Quit Smoking – According to research, if you are a smoker, you’re four times more likely than nonsmokers to have degenerative disk disease or other spinal problems. The nicotine in cigarettes can weaken the bones in the spine and cause soreness.
  • Practice Good Posture – Proper posture helps ease the pressure on the lower back. Try to keep your head centered over the pelvis and avoid slouching your shoulders or craning your chin forward.

3 Stretches for Lower Back Pain

Stretches for lower back pain can be effective as it helps stretch the muscles in the lower back, hips, and legs support the weight of the upper body and allow the back to move easier without injury. Stretching regularly will have long lasting benefits and it will become easier to do with time. Start small with short stretches for 30 seconds. There are a few stretches in particular that prove effective.

Cat-Cow Stretch

This stretch involves moving the spine from a rounded position to an arched one can help improve circulation in the discs in your back. To perform this stretch:

  • Start by getting on your hands and knees, align your wrists underneath your shoulders and your knees underneath your hips.
  • Begin in a neutral spine position with your back flat and your abs engaged. Then, inhale deeply
  • When exhaling, round your spine up towards the ceiling, pulling your belly button up towards your spine. Tuck your chin towards your chest, and let your neck release.
  • When you inhale, arch your back and let your stomach relax. Lift your head and tailbone upwards, avoid putting pressure on your neck.
  • Continue these motions for a few rounds.

Cobra Stretch

The Cobra stretch can help to alleviate certain types of back pain as the pose gently stretches and strengthens your spine, particularly in the pelvic area.

  • Start by lying on your stomach
  • Place your hands with your palms down on the ground beneath your shoulders
  • Lift your chest up off the ground by straightening your arms, keeping your gaze upwards
  • Hold this pose for about 10 seconds and repeat 10 times.


The knee-to-chest stretch will help lengthen your lower back and relieve tension and pain.

Avoid this stretch if you suffer from osteoporosis as it may increase the risk of compression fractures in your vertebrae. To start:

  • Lie down on your back on a firm surface with the backs of your heels flat on the floor
  • Use both hands to grab hold of your right lower leg, interlacing your fingers, or clasp your wrists just under the knee.
  • Gently pull the knee up to your chest until you feel the stretch in your lower back, bring it as close to your chest as comfortably possible
  • Keep your opposite leg relaxed and in a comfortable position and hold the position for about 30 seconds.
  • Repeat with the other leg

Seated Spinal Twist

This stretch increases mobility in your spine and stretches your abdominals, shoulders, and neck. 

  • Begin by sitting on the floor with both legs extended out in front of you
  • Bend your left knee then place your foot on the outside of your right thigh
  • Put your right arm on the outside of your left thigh and your left hand behind you to support yourself
  • Starting at the base of your spine, twist to the left side and hold the position for up to 1 minute
  • Repeat on the other side

Trunk rotation

The trunk rotation stretch can help relieve tension in your lower back and help you gain flexibility in the spine.

  • Lie down on your back with your hips and knees bent and ensure your feet are flat on the floor and your arms rest comfortably away from your sides.
  • Gently squeeze your shoulder blades and flatten your neck to the floor. Then slowly and gently rotate your legs to the left, slowly twisting your body. Make sure to keep your right shoulder blade and forearm flat to the floor.
  • Hold the position for 3 to 5 minutes or until you feel a complete release of the gentle stretch in your body
  • Slowly return to the starting position and repeat the stretch on the other side

Each of these stretches for lower back pain helps stretch the muscles in your body for easier movement.

4 Supplements for Back Pain

Apart from the above stretches for lower back pain, I have found that there are three important supplements that you can wind up using that can help you to avoid lower back pain, to turn down the volume when it’s cranked up, as well as to prevent it from coming back. I’ll list a few here with links where you can get them. Don’t forget to use the provider code “alignwc” to make your purchase.

Fish Oil

A high potency, high effectiveness fish oil is great at reducing systemic inflammation that causes overall ache and pain. You can find these on our online store. I recommend taking at least 2,000 milligrams. 


This is an amazing nutrient that reduces excessive formation of certain chemicals that are responsible for producing a lot of the inflammation and pain associated with arthritis and other painful conditions. You can get it here.

Inflavonoid Intensive Care

Inflavonoid Intensive Care is a daily capsule designed to support the body’s response to oxidative stress and inflammation. It contains extracts from boswellia, turmeric, ginger, and cayenne, as well as Vitamin C and quercetin. It is ideal for mild to moderate pain, swelling, or other stresses on the body.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D can also be beneficial, it has been proven to improve bone health and maintain immune function. Everyone can benefit from 10,000IU until their blood levels are above 50.

Chiropractic for Back Pain

Back pain may be common, but that doesn’t mean you should just deal with it, relief may be impossible to find without finding the root cause. Starting to implement these stretches for lower back pain and supplements can be helpful. The cervical spine is critical for the mobility of the head, ensuring proper blood flow to the brain and protecting the spinal cord. Any type of misalignment in the cervical spine can wreak havoc on the entire body in a number of ways, including causing mild to severe low back pain.

At Align Wellness Center, we have helped thousands of patients that have suffered with issues with back pain and have found relief hard to come by, those patients are finally starting to find relief from their symptoms for the first time. Back pain can improve drastically through corrective chiropractic care.

If you or someone you know is having issues with lower back pain, they need to be looked at by a corrective chiropractor and ensure the cervical spine is in alignment as well as other areas of the body. If you’re looking for a chiropractor that will take a natural and holistic approach to helping with your pain, give us a call, even if you’re out of our area, we can look to connect you with a chiropractor near you.

We offer an in-depth exam to determine exactly what we can do to help with as much detail for you as possible. It is called the 3-Dimensional BioStructural Analysis, and the process involves the following:  

  • Timeline history
  • Digital posture exam
  • 3-Dimensional posture exam
  • Chiropractic, Neurological, and Physical Exam
  • Spinal radiographs (if needed)
  • Digital biomechanical analysis of your spine
  • Insurance verification (by our insurance team)
  • Separate time to go over the results of your test within a day or two, where we will go over:
    • What is going on
    • If we can help
    • What the best next step is for you
    • Any investment in your health that is necessary

If you’re interested, you can schedule an appointment for a 3-Dimensional BioStructural Analysis here. If you’d like tips on how you can stay healthy and well without drugs and surgery, go ahead and check out other articles on this site. If you continue to struggle with back pain or want more information on stretches for lower back pain or supplements give us a call at Align Wellness Center (847) 860-6599 or schedule an appointment online. Contact us today or stop by the office. We’re located at 900 Skokie Blvd., Suite 113, Northbrook, IL, 60062.

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